Electric Boilers – Easy to Maintain

Electric Boilers – Easy to Maintain

Save time, hassle and money with an Electric Boiler


Most people that have homes with oil-powered hydronic or steam boilers, know that they can be a pain to maintain. You have a chimney, an oil tank, and the assembly that burns the oil. All of these parts have to be watched closely.



An electric boiler can save you in the long term:

  • Fewer parts to maintain
  • Energy efficient (once started and warm, only the elements needed stay on)
  • Perfect for outdoor walkways, floor heating, and above floor radiant heat
  • Perfect for any size home or business

Yes, they take money to install and you do need enough of a power draw.

One of our customers was running an oil-powered hydronic boiler and switched to an electric. He told us that he began saving $800 in his first winter month and an average of $100/wk for his 1600 square foot home with outdoor walkways. The electric boiler did replace a 20 year old boiler but a heating unit was also added to the garage area. Our customer’s calculations: A full return in investment in 2.5-3 years. This was based on energy use only and did not include any maintenance or parts. This customer’s job consisted of installation of the electric boiler and running new electric to the new electric boiler.

A few more bonuses to an electric boiler:

  • No chimney/flue pipe
  • No more waiting on oil delivery
  • No worrying about oil tanks
  • Less parts to maintain
  • Easier to work on

Most oil-powered boilers need routine service which can cost an average of $300/yr and just an oil pump alone can cost $600.

If you are tired of the rising price of oil and already run on hydronic or steam heat, you should consider replacing your current boiler with an electric. Just give Best Plumbing and Heating a call or send us a note on our contact form.